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Down with "marketing." Turn your web copy into an invitation to adventure...

If you’ve been following marketing blogs, perhaps you’ve noticed the trend…

Businesses keep talking about prospect engagement. Loyalty. Social media.  Showing a “human face” and building an audience.

By now, we’ve got the message. Good web marketing is less about slick promotion and more about human interaction.

You know it’s true. You’ve felt it every time you’ve clicked “unsubscribe” to strings of spammy promo emails … every time you’ve skimmed past that boilerplate content that no one reads anyway.

You can hear the difference between an authentic voice and corporate-speak, between sincerity and marketing BS. So can your prospect. We’re thirsting for the real—but we’re swamped in the nonsense.

And if your product’s about communication at its core—about real people changing their lives, and opening new worlds through learning and travel—then being "real" is twice as crucial.

Your prospects crave authenticity.

They want someone they can trust, someone who understands their challenges and interests … and can identify with them, not just “sell” them.

Easy to do? For you—you betcha. Lingo Copywriting has your back.

Meet Randi Anderson, the “real human being” behind Lingo.

That’s me. I’m dedicated to keeping it real, and keeping it relevant to your prospects. Because that’s what draws them in and keeps them coming back for more.

As a teacher and traveling “linguaphile” with roots in a small town (St. Marys, PA, to be exact), I have a global mindset alongside a more down-to-earth local perspective. I know, as teachers and translators know, that in order to resonate you must speak the language of the one you’re talking to … literally or figuratively. You must become “local” for that person.

That localization—so to speak—is what I strive for in every piece of copy or content I write. As a freelance web copywriter, I can help you:

Hook the attention of your web visitors through customer-focused content pages that show them exactly what you can do for them (speaking their language, always!)

Convert website traffic into leads (and paying customers) through web copy that speaks directly to your prospects and resonates with their needs and desires

Build credibility through web content, blogs, and e-letters that consistently deliver the good stuff your audience craves

Easily follow up with leads and customers through timely autoresponder emails…ones that sound like they’ve come from a real person

Maintain positive customer relationships through engaging emails and an overall marketing strategy that helps before it tries to sell

Need more details? Just check out the Services page for more on the copywriting services I provide.

I can tell you this right now: I approach all services with knowledge, research, passion and a “real person to real person” mindset. Perhaps you’ve known copywriters to just slap things together, without taking the time to get to know you, your product, and most of all your audience.

That’s not what I’m about. I’m committed to giving you the best work for your money’s worth. Before you ever release the new website, post the blog or send that email, you must be confident in the work I’ve done for you. Visit my FAQ page to find out more about my process and guarantee.

But if you’re ready to talk now, so am I—just go on and tell me how I can help you. We’ll set up a time to discuss it in depth. And don’t worry…first-time consultations are FREE by phone, Skype or email.

Email me today and get your free consultation.