Take it from a passionate “linguaholic”…

Randi Anderson

To really get people excited about your offer, you need someone enthusiastic. Someone who really believes in your promise and can stand behind it in honest conviction.

Someone who knows what it’s like to travel the world, and to learn and teach a language … who will get pumped about your unique solutions and pass that same energy to others.

You need someone who not only understands the fundamentals of powerful, winning copy … but who also knows firsthand the benefits YOU have to offer, and loves to share that passion.

In short…

You need a skilled copywriter … one with infectious enthusiasm for your product.

And so I’d like to say, Oi! Muito prazer. My name is Randi Anderson, and I’m that person you’re looking for.

With a background in foreign language, travel and ESL, I channel my passion for communication and cultural exchange into professional web writing services. In particular, I love to serve those in working in language education and educational travel.


A voracious learner, passionate about language and travel

Visiting the campus art museum with students.

Visiting the campus art museum with students.

I guess you could say languages are my “thing” … always have been. I’ve studied four languages in a formal classroom and at least four more as an independent learner. In college, I went the way of “fries with that?” by majoring in Comparative Literature … the “catch-all major” to unify all those language and culture courses I took … and later completed a certification and Master’s degree in TESL.

Honestly … for a language geek … teaching a room full of young people from all over the world was amazing.

I loved learning about each student’s native culture, interests, experiences, and academic passions. People are fascinating, all over the globe. I wouldn’t trade my teaching ESL experience for anything.

After a few years of teaching, though, I realized I was back to speaking English every day, all day. I’d wanted to immerse myself in my passion for words and world cultures—and spread the love to others around me—but I was spending my days swimming in academic English papers.

And frankly, I’d rather be writing than teaching it.

So, long story short, I threw myself back into the world of language and travel … and became a copywriter. Or as I like to think of it, a global learning advocate.

(Not to speak too grandly, or anything…)


An advocate on a mission—to open the world!

Watching an eagle fly at the Parque Cóndor in Otavalo, Ecuador.

Watching an eagle fly at the Parque Cóndor in Otavalo, Ecuador.

As a writer and advocate, I use the power of words—a skill I’ve honed through years of writing fiction, poetry, essays, presentations and blog posts—to promote companies who specialize in language learning, cultural exchange and educational travel.

And why? Because I believe language learning and travel can open new worlds to individuals (and open individuals to the world).

Done right, it can build foundations of respect and bridge cultures.

This is what you offer.

And in support of this mission, I’ve trained well to bring you the sharpest copywriting skills I can offer. Only “best practices” are worthy of the dream.


Trained by the best in the business

My training as a copywriter includes a foundation of AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, largely considered to be the best program of its kind. (And why not? It was developed by copywriting greats like Michael Masterson and John Forde.)

Through it I learned the “secrets” of powerful copywriting, both for print and the web … and immediately put them to work in my own writing, which was reviewed by AWAI.

I’ve also completed training from the 2015 Web Copywriting Intensive, which took place February 8-11 in Austin, TX. There I networked with experts in the web marketing industry, while absorbing cutting-edge knowledge on everything from content to email marketing to social media and SEO.

But don’t think it’ll stop there … my commitment to best practices is ongoing. I’m an active member of American Writers & Artists, Inc., as well as Wealthy Web Writer, where I've published a few articles.

… all of which help me bring you savvy yet sincere web copy that resonates with your prospect, builds trust and ultimately spurs on sales.

That’s the Lingo Copywriting promise … because your product is worth it.

If you’d like to talk more about it, I’m happy to chat with you about your product … as well as your company’s specific needs and goals. Just go on and tell me how I can help you. Keep in mind that first-time consultations (usually by phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts) are free.

I look forward to working with you! Talk to you soon.