Lingo Web Copy Services

Your Key to Better Marketing Messages Online


With all the language learning resources and travel opportunities out there … how do you make sure YOURS stands out?

And after that positive first impression, how do you build trust? How do you prove your worth, keep people on board, and ultimately make more sales?

Many factors flow together to accomplish it—including design, the product, the offer, and customer word-of-mouth—but the words you use are a big part of it. Good web copy and content are critical.

And that’s where I can help you …



Every site could use a little message optimization (including this one). Are you looking for more leads from your opt-in? More clicks on your landing page? Are you wondering why your traffic is slowing, or your site isn’t ranking high in the search engines?

Whatever your goals for your website, I can help you see what’s already working in your content … and what we can do to make it even stronger.

Note: This service includes a thorough written report, along with preliminary keyword research and analysis of the competition.


Forget boring, “boilerplate” language … and forget Marketing-ese. (You know, the cute stuff that doesn’t really say anything.) If I’m writing your webpage copy, I focus on communication. That means clarity and relevance, along with the sincerity and “real person” approach that earn trust.

It also means making use of your “magic words” … the words that will resonate strongest with your prospects, and let them know they’ve found the right place.

I’ll help you show off your brand’s personality, track record and unique selling proposition (USP), while keeping everything simple and visitor-oriented.


You’ve probably heard: free, quality content is a great way to attract new visitors and become a trusted “thought leader” in your industry.

Posting every week—even every day—sends a clear message to visitors that you’re not only present online … you’re also involved. (It also signals to Google that your site is active and worthy of the higher ranks.)

Only one problem: who’s going to write all that content?

If you’d like to glean all the benefits of keeping a company blog, but don’t have the time (or desire) to keep up with it, I can help.

But remember: blogging is only one opportunity in the content marketing smörgåsbord. I can also write or ghostwrite guest articles, ebooks, and other content pieces according to your marketing goals.


However you may feel about its time-snatching tendencies, social media is a great tool for reaching a wider audience. You can go where the prospects are and engage with them on a real person-to-person level. It truly is an exciting opportunity for business … even if you’re in B2B.

Still, like everything else, it has to be done well to work. And if you don’t have time for it—outsource to a copywriter especially trained in social media marketing. (Ahem.)

Don’t have an account? That’s all right. Account setup is available for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Here’s where we make ’em an offer they can’t refuse. (Sorry. Really couldn’t resist.)

Whether you want visitors to download, opt-in, subscribe, or buy—I’ll help you find the words to get that click. No hype, no shameless truth-bending. Just a clear, appealing headline, resonant copy, and a strong call-to-action.


Whatever a few self-styled gurus might be saying, email marketing is still where it’s at. Your list is made up of people who have already showed an interest in your business. They want to hear from you … and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t still be on your list.

In order to keep these leads warm, a well-planned email marketing strategy is crucial … not too much, not too little, not too “salesy.”

Maintain contact—and increase the credibility of your “Sender” column—with easy-breezy follow-ups and helpful e-newsletters. Promote your products or services when the time is right … and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers with a strategic autoresponder series.

I have you covered with the wording, of course … but I’ll also help you settle on an email strategy that works for your business and your audience.


Remember: all services are approached with research, professionalism, and a real person to real person mindset. I’ll keep it sincere and let your brand’s unique promise shine through.

So please … let me know how I can help you. I look forward to hearing from you!